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Welcome to Satori Sound

Ive tried many audio meditation enhancement techniques and have combined several into these powerful meditations. With subtle stereo theta wave inducing Binaural Beats and set to base Solfeggio Frequencies , along with digital stereo live nature recordings and rich deep synthesized tracks - and enhanced with digital sound loops and effects. I hope you enjoy these as much as i do - i use these meditations daily and find them a wonderful way to encourage the mind to relax and the spirit to find peace.  

Stereo Ambient Live Recorded Nature Tracks from California's Lost Coast & Ancient redwood forests
Rich base synthesized tones and music
Theta Wave Inducing Brain Entrainment Binaural Beats & Healing Solfeggio Frequencies
Loop single or all tracks

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Satori Sound - Solfeggio Frequency Theta Binaural Beats Meditations Album Version
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