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About Us

The code:Dimensions team develops Apps & WebTools for Spirituality, Self-Help, Holistic Practice, Meditation , LOA, Affirmations, Peak Performance & More. Each of the recommended Apps & Web-Tools shown here – are powerful tools for your daily practice. These apps and tools provide: Great Brain Entrainment technologies and meditations, Tools for adding subliminal affirmations to your favorite music and meditative audio.

The code:Dimensions team are IT experts offering many years IT experience in business,banking, and educational services as well as a broad range of technical skills,The code:Dimensions team designs powerful applications and audio tools to improve your well-being and help to super charge your daily practice.

The code:Dimensions team has nearly four decades of combined experience programming Internet/Network based servers and desktop and mobile os applications. With many years experience in business, government and industry as well as a broad range of technical skills, the code:Dimensions team brings decades of professional development skills to each and every application and project.

The code:Dimensions team specializes in developing interactive, intelligent and intuitive applications for improving your life. The services offered by code:Dimensions focus on improving your life – reducing stress, Law of Attraction (LOA), positive affirmations – improving meditation & sleep.

The code:Dimensions team creates secure web / ios & android applications, developing self improvemment life affirming & educational applications and web-tools.

All of our apps/sounscapes and tools have been extensively used by us and we build them with love – we hope you will enjoy & find them useful.

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