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Don Mc Carty

Code Dimensions IOS & Audio Development Team Leader – Don McCarty
don Don McCarty is an Owner/Developer for Code Dimensions an IT programming and development company as well as a linux System Administrator for Regional Education in Northern California.

Don has 20yrs experience in IT development, application programming, database design and management, server system administration & specializing in Open Source Internet Technologies. Don is the lead programmer/developer for the Code Dimensions IOS app development & Audio development Team.

Don is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and discovered powerful audio-technologies that he incorporated into his daily practice. These technologies are: Binaural Betas, Isochronic Tones, Solfeggio Frequencies & Subliminal Affirmations. These technologies and frequencies have been known since ancient times – and modern research has validated their effects as well. Since 2009 Don and his development team at Code Dimensions – have been developing: Mobile Apps, WebTools & Audio – Soundscapes
using audio technologies.

In 2009 Don and his development team released a first of its kind and still completely unique App called SubListen an app designed to add subliminal affirmations onto your favorite music, allowing you to enjoy the power of the subliminal affirmations & listen to your favorite music & audio. Since then Don and the Code Dimensions team have developed mobile apps, audio- soundscape albums, A web-service called Create Subliminals (allowing users to add subliminals to their uploaded audio and download an mp3 with the embedded subliminals – that they can play on any mp3 audio player) & an App called the AACSpeechBuddy – designed to help parents and educators of autistic children – better communicate with their children and allows parents and teachers to share between apps.

Don enjoys life living on California Humboldt North-coast, an area known for majestic ancient redwood forests, beautiful ocean beaches & coves as well as a diverse and wonderful history. Don has been working with audio hardware & synthesizers since he was a teenager (He was the first kid on his block with a yamaha dx7 – to date him a bit for those in the know ;-) ) – Don and his Code Dimensions development team have a wonderful collection of hardware synthesizers & audio controllers as well as audio software and open source audio technologies that we use in the creation of our apps, Soundscapes & web-services. To include in the Soundscapes Don and his Code Dimensions team have recorded-live stereo tracks from ocean beaches, rivers, forests – nature sanctuaries & now recording a set of new recordings all throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Don initially created audio technology Apps for his own personal daily practice and spiritual journey. Don has had great results with these technologies in his own life and uses them for – relaxation, meditation, affirmations & improved sleep and overall health. Having such great results inspired Don to share these technologies and strategies with the world. Don and his
Code Dimensions team work exclusively in the development of amazing Apps& Audio Soundscapes for Spirituality, Self-Help, Holistic Practice, Meditation , LOA, Affirmations, Peak Performance & More. These powerful tools are designed for your daily practice and life improvement. These Apps and tools provide: Great Brain Entrainment technologies and meditations. The Apps& Soundscapes developed by Code Dimensions focus on improving your life – reducing stress, Law of Attraction (LOA), affirmations ,meditation, better sleep, improved overall health & much more.