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Harness the Power of your Alpha brain waves with AlphaMind. Alpha brain waves improve our ability to focus and concentrate. Alpha brain waves make you use both hemispheres of your brain instead of relying on your dominant side for concentration. Usually, individuals have a hemispheric dominance in their brains: either right or left. The majority of people have a dominant left-hemisphere. When you are able to access the Alpha Wave Brain state, both hemispheres of your brain are able to work together. Alpha Wave Brain state can help you access your deepest creativity and problem solving abilities.

  Easily Add AlphaMind technology to your favorite iTunes music
  Alpha Wave Isochronic Tones
  Alpha Wave Binaural Beats
  Healing Solfeggio Frequencies
  Create your own Subliminal Affirmations

Alpha Wave Brain state allows you to feel the energy in every part of your body. Mental chatter, worries and anxiety fade away as your consciousness resonates with the NOW and your mind is focussed, relaxed & ready for affirmations, visualizations & suggestions. Help encourage your mind into the Alpha State with AlphaMind and reach your highest potential. Great for Meditation, Exercise, Studying & Creativity, Peak Performance, Visualization and Manifestation. The power of your mind is in the Alpha Wave Brain state

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